Data Center

Whether you’re developing an all-new data center, modernizing an existing one, consoli-dating infrastructure or facilities or simply looking to improve technology performance -tactical planning from GITPL is the ideal starting point.

GITPL Datacenter Consulting services are delivered by a multidisciplinary team of infra-structure designers, network designers, operations specialists, business continuity plan-ners and strategists. These experienced professionals can help you decide how many data centers you need, where your facilities should be located and what size and topolo-gy (level of redundancy) they should be built to.

Your high level concept design is driven by our passion for innovation. After visiting your site/facility, GITPL’s in-house engineering and design teams can immediately begin to de-velop the design, incorporating your project goals and design standards. Before going into the actual designing of the data center, we do a comprehensive benchmarking with the global data center standards then we proceed to the final design stage.

Our Data Center Practice

Our technology assessment assumes a global perspective and is forward looking. Every organization have their unique technology goals, hence requires a customized approach. GITPL’s technology assessment includes Network connectivity/bandwidth analysis, network infrastructure and architecture analysis, power and cooling analysis, energy efficiency analysis, computational fluid dynamics analysis and benchmarking against industry best practices.

We do a holistic assessment of your facility’s capacity to meet your current and future business needs. GITPL understands that datacenter is the heart of your business com-puting and by meticulous planning we ensure you stay ahead today – tomorrow and always.

Our process involves:

  • Gap/deficiency analysis
  • Growth modeling
  • Business drivers analysis
  • Global Best Practices in Efficient Design
  • Fundamentals of Cooling, Power and Physical Security
  • IT Operating & Management
  • Energy Efficiency