Software Licensing Consultancy

Software asset management is one of the most time consuming tasks for the IT department of any organization and can often distract IT managers from addressing strategic issues. Most customers feel that software licensing is complicated with multiple vendors offering multiple licensing schemes, each having perpetual and subscription options, not to speak of maintenance, upgrades, subscription etc. Even if customers put in efforts to understand all of this, it takes considerable time to do so,by which time the licensing landscape has changed again!

We at GITPL believe the licensing of software in volume is a sufficiently complex arena to require the attention of specialists.

GITPL has extensive experience helping customers navigate the complexities of software license agreements. From start to finish, our qualified team is there to help customers choose the best licensing program for their business, negotiate the best terms, keep track of all of their software assets and ensure that they never go out of compliance .We, due to our association with multiple vendors, are in a position to give customers unbiased opinions on the pros and cons of each of the available options something much appreciated by them.

GITPL is Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Partners for Licensing Solutions.