Synchronized Security

We live in times where Cyber Risk ceases to be imagination & whose complexity & sophistication pose a real threat to the digital world.

According to Gartner forecasts, by the end of the decade, 21 Billion ‘THINGS’ will be connected to the internet.

Synchronized Security - GITPL

Cyber criminals who are commercially supported with malware toolkits are conducting sophisticated attacks which are resulting in a rise in percentage of successful breaches resulting in insurmountable losses of precious data. The technical skills required to carry out such attacks isn’t a priority as the tools available in the Grey & Black markets are constantly updated.

The best defense against such formidable adversaries are the best in class security systems that ensure faster, better protection against advanced form of attacks. This is precisely where Synchronized Security comes into the picture. They act as coordinators which in symphony prevent the attacks & ensure threats of any kind are restricted.

To accomplish synchronized security, three things are needed –

  • A central security system At the heart of the synchronized approach is a central security platform that has threat and security context across all devices and data. It needs to be simple to use and enable you to manage all of your protection in one place. No more jumping from console to console, saving you time and effort on a daily basis.
  • Next-gen technology Synchronization should not be at the expense of depth of protection. Each security component needs to have the latest threat prevention technology built-in, so you always enjoy the most advanced protection.
  • Intelligent protection The security system needs to enable the security technologies to share information and automate response, including real-time isolation of any infected device which prevents both data loss as well as further infection within your business.

Synchronized security provides a best-of-breed security system where integrated products dynamically share threat, health, and security information to deliver faster, better protection against advanced threats. It gives you unparalleled protection and ease-of-use, making life easier for today’s IT security professionals.

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