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SharePoint Learning Management System (LMS)

With 10-year experience in SharePoint consulting and development, GITPL offers digital transformation of your corporate employee training and development. Our company uses SharePoint as a basis for learning management systems (LMS), and separate custom features to enhance employee training. Our customers can be sure that we will tailor SharePoint learning management solutions to their training needs.

Streamline Employee Training With A SharePoint LMS

GITPL offers your company assistance in making employee training powerful and captivating with the following functionality –

Learning Content Management 

  • Authoring e-learning content – in SharePoint (wikis, blogs, etc.), Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, etc.) or incorporating it from other sites

  • Centralized storage & powerful search – for training materials, courses, competencies, instructors, mentors, etc.

  • Restricting access – for trainees to such documents as test answers, teaching aids, etc.

Learning Process Management

  • Automatic workflow- Based enrolling of employees in training depending on the training needs
  • Automatic mentor matching based on online surveys

  • Instructor- Ttrainee & trainee-trainee collaboration via group sites, discussion boards, forums, chats.

  • Scheduling & tracking of trainings, workshops, tests, exams, and other events, such as assignment, task deadlines, trainees’ attendance with an opportunity to overlay several calendars (e.g., Outlook, Exchange, etc.).

  • Automatic alerts & notifications driven by events (enrolling to a course, completing a topic, passing or failing a test, etc.) or by changes in e-learning content (creating, uploading, modifying, etc.)

  • Certification management, including passing a certification test, tracking progress and displaying scores on the employee’s profile in an intranet and granting an electronic certificate

  • Competency management, including creating a database of competencies, enabling their search, employee ranking by competency levels, scheduling assessment events, etc.

Learning Assessment

  • Knowledge evaluation through tests based on multiple choice and yes/no questions, etc.

  • Gamification, including employee leader boards with achievement points and badges for mastering a new skill, completing a course, passing a test or an exam, etc.

  • Trainee feedback on courses or training materials implemented through ratings and tags.

  • Reporting on training attendance, hours spent in training, trainees, performance, etc.

Leverage All – Inclusive Services On Digitalizing Employee Training

We offer full-cycle services to bring digital transformation to your company’s employee training


If you opt for a SharePoint LMS, our experts are always ready to assist you in –

  • Analyzing your employee training needs and addressing them effectively with technology

  • Drawing a plan for digitalizing employee training

  • Drafting and revising the strategy for LMS

  • Matching SharePoint LMS features to the departments training needs.

  • Selecting proper integrations to enrich collaboration capabilities of a SharePoint LMS.

  • Deciding upon a solution’s design options to increase user adoption and trainees engagement.


Our SharePoint professionals will help you to fulfil such implementation tasks concerning a learning management system, as –

  • Developing a SharePoint LMS

  • Data migration from legacy LMS to SharePoint LMS

  • Integrating a SharePoint LMS with enterprise systems, such as HR, ERP, CRM, etc. to link their data and enable automatic extraction of data from the enterprise systems to SharePoint LMS

  • Ensuring high performance and durability of SharePoint solutions through professional quality assurance

  • Customizing your SharePoint LMS to extend its functionality


GITPL’s specialists will guide you through the adoption and usage of a SharePoint LMS. We will help you with the following tasks –

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • Performance and security troubleshooting

  • Solving architecture and hardware issues

  • Improving UI and UX, etc.

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