5 Top Reasons How Virtualization Plays a Key Role in Cloud Computing

Virtualization Plays a Key Role in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a buzzword that is transforming businesses across the globe! Instead of managing a huge infrastructural setup, costs, downtimes, accessing information & applications online is a new way ahead! Topping the list of innovative solutions that are disrupting today’s business network are virtualization solutions. Read below the 5 top reasons how virtualization plays a key role in cloud computing that make it the most in-demand technology!

Reduces Carbon Foot Print: Did you know that a single virtualized server can save up to 7000 kWh per year? The cooling mechanism used in data centres uses energy and fossil fuels, which contributes to carbon emissions.

Improvised Data center consulting services: Starting from initial consultation to modernization of existing facilities; Data center consulting services have been scaled to new heights.

Enhanced infrastructure has enabled enterprises to move to next-generation service delivery platforms with the help of Datacenter consulting services. Data Center Consulting Services empowers businesses with a robust IT infrastructure that makes businesses competitive, adaptable, & secure.

Cost-effective solutions: As the foundation of cloud computing, with multiple virtual PC’s, OS, & applications in one single server, virtualization reduces the high recurring costs.

Using a non-virtualized infrastructure is costly as you are not using the system for other applications. Hosted on a single physical server, consolidating various applications in a virtualized environment helps to scale down costs & improve productivity.

Enhanced Security: One of biggest benefits of virtualization in cloud computing is robust security support. As cloud services are encrypted with high-end protocols, your data is less prone to threats.

Virtualization also provides premium-level security cutting down the cost on various associated firewalls that come with a traditional infrastructure. Your data is well protected against viruses, harmful malware, & other threats.

Continuity in operation: With data stored virtually, minimal time is spent recovering files from corrupted or crashed devices. The ongoing transition from VDI, RDSH to desktop-as-as-service has enabled companies to scale up in minimal time and cost.

Virtual desktop infrastructure has helped end-user computing services to become a frontrunner in cloud-based environments.

Final Words

Enhanced operations, unprecedented data protection, minimal downtime & more – virtualization in cloud computing is here to stay for a long time! Having explored the top benefits of virtualization in cloud computing, implementing cloud solutions is the next step forward! Investing on future technology is the only way organizations can stay competitive in the global IT market.