Microsoft Azure Backup – A Technological Advancement

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Cloud-based solutions have gained prominence as the volume of data generated by businesses across the globe is increasing every year. By the virtue of accessing the data from anywhere, businesses are inclined to get the best backup solution plan! Microsoft Azure Backup solutions are a technological advancement that allows to create, manage, and deploy applications in Microsoft’s datacentres.

Now no more worry about managing tape, USB Hard Drives, and attached network storage devices! Alongside files and folders, Azure Backup can secure your critical applications like including SQL, Windows Servers, SharePoint, Exchange, Windows Clients and Azure IaaS VMs. We list down a few of the top benefits of Azure Backup.

Data Encryption: The safety of data in a public cloud domain is a common reason to worry for many businesses. No more worry as the encryption keys is not stored anywhere! Data is fully in encrypted format in Azure Backup.

Cost-Effective: Azure Backup is based on the ‘pay-as-you-go’ structure that helps you to minimize your rental costs to a huge extent. Instead of paying a flat monthly charge, you pay for actual storage consumed at the time of billing.

Scalability: Scale your server resources in real-time and get unlimited storage with Azure! So, whatever is your storage requirement, Azure can complete it anytime. Without worrying about the maintenance, uptime, and monitoring of the data, your focus is on the services.

Secure your business data today with Microsoft Azure Backup solutions. To know more about how it’s the right partner for your business, call us today!