GITPL Cloud Remediation Services

GITPL Cloud Remediation Services

Businesses continue to migrate to cloud platforms, but the security of the cloud infrastructure remains a major concern. Scalability, agility, & flexibility to manage data has become the priority of organizations across the globe that has made cloud solutions immensely successful.

However, with the constant worry that cloud infrastructure is not within the control of the enterprise, many companies are still shying away from taking the big step. This blog uncovers how cloud remediation services help to bridge the confidence & provide the necessary security of the data.

What is Cloud Remediation?

Cloud remediation services are designed to assist enterprises to maximize their ROI while investing in the cloud platform. With a myriad of providers offering bundled services, selecting the right partner can be a daunting task at times! While configuring a cloud-based platform, policy-driven alerts are in place to check the violations at any level.

Shared Responsibility

Global providers offer reliable security; however, they don’t cover the entire exten!. Enterprises are responsible for security within the cloud, while vendors secure the host OS, & virtualization layer.


Companies use either a multi-cloud strategy or a hybrid strategy, depending on their specific needs. Businesses must constantly assess and secure these environments due to the lack of visibility.

Other Security Concerns

While cloud technology is productive, efficient, & agile, even minor issues can turn up to be a troublemaker at times! Businesses have to place checkpoints that avoid unencrypted data, open security groups, visibility, compromised EC3 instances & more.

How We Make a Difference

As a Microsoft trusted partner, our expert cloud service solutions consist of migration, consulting, & providing cloud remediation services. Our comprehensive suite of security solutions ensures a stringent framework of policies that block or minimize security threats. With various remediation models available, GITPL ensures that businesses get the best remediation services that enhance the business’s cloud governance.