Top Reasons to Why Microsoft Azure is the First Choice

Did you know that as per the Gartner survey, cloud computing will do a total business of around $300 billion by the end of 2021? As more and more businesses across different sizes, industries, and geographies are tapping the power of the cloud, the coming years would scale up the business to new heights. This blog explores the top reasons why Microsoft Azure is the most favoured choice among businesses in today’s time.

Scalability and Flexibility: The flexible structure of Microsoft Azure makes the task easier to scale up the data storage capabilities. Businesses can take the help of cognitive services, ML, IoT, to develop innovative web applications.

Advanced Security: With over 3.5k security experts working on providing a robust security system, Microsoft Azure tracks real-time threats and secure the network proactively. Offering the best security for the data held on the Azure cloud, it meets country-specific standards across the globe.

Cost-Effective: Pick up the smart way of reducing your expenditures by going with the pay-as-you-go plan from Microsoft Azure! No more extra costs incurred on hardware and maintenance of services at your premises – cut down the IT administration costs with Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Stay Updated: Stay abreast with the key performance metrics and major changes 365 days/year! Right from fixing bugs, upgrading systems, R&D, Microsoft Azure keeps you updated to ensure minimal or no downtime of your business services.

With many more such amazing features, Microsoft Azure is one of the torchbearers in today’s cloud services market. GITPL is a trusted Microsoft partner and if you have a question related to cloud computing services, we have the best answer!