Decoding Microsoft FastTrack: How is it Beneficial for you?

Decoding Microsoft FastTrack

Over the years, businesses of all sizes, geographies, and industries are inclined to adopt cloud services. Improved time to market, increased flexibility, and lower operating costs are some key factors that are attracting businesses from across the globe. However, before taking the giant leap, migrating to the cloud effectively is where Microsoft FastTrack comes into the spotlight.

To combat the pain point of migrating to cloud resources, Microsoft FastTrack eases the transition to cloud in a rapid, organization-specific process. By aligning with a reliable Microsoft Partner, businesses can shift their workflows to the cloud along with Microsoft Engineers and internal teams.  Below we highlight the three critical stage of the FastTrack program.


Planning is the most crucial part where a Microsoft Partner can help you to implement the process. Right from current infrastructure, workflows you want to use in Office 365, rolling cloud solutions, resources, and more – everything is to be planned.


With the plan in place, this phase includes the setup, configuration, and provisioning of Office 365 services. Depending upon the size of the business, you get the right onboarding assistance from your partner. Additionally, all types of networking issues and capabilities are also managed.

Driving Value:

Ensuring that you embrace the best set of practices into your existing process is how the Microsoft FastTrack programs help the company.  Developing cutting-edge strategies that optimize the new environment, Microsoft FastTrack helps processes to realize the optimum value.

The role of a Microsoft Partner: As proud Microsoft Partners, GITPL offers long-term growth plans and assists with critical migration and data migration support. We help you to complete your FastTrack journey in the best possible way!

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